FANTASTIC is a Saudi company registered with the Ministry of Commerce with a commercial register number: 2252060216 It is specialized in providing hosting services and registration of domain names around the world as well as designing and programming websites. Our services are innovative, flexible and suitable for all website owners whether they are business owners, So those who want to get new sites. At Fantastec we apply the most stringent procedures and the latest technologies that guarantee outstanding service and high level of performance. We invest a great deal of money in modern Internet technologies to meet the needs of optimal markets and to ensure maximum performance and satisfaction from our customers.


Fantastic is a team of highly skilled and experienced networking and Internet technologies who work around the clock to reach customer satisfaction. We employ skilled engineers who have certified Microsoft certification and are well trained to quickly get to faults and manage them that may occur in lines of communication before they reach customers.

Our mission and our goal

We aim to provide value-to-value hosting plans for each company or individual needing hosting services. Accessing market requirements, providing valuable hosting services and developing new Internet technologies is our ultimate goal and determines the approach we take in the Internet world.

Our commitments

We are committed to provide the highest quality services and provide the latest technologies in the world, which reduce the total cost, making our customers in a competitive position with their competitors, and we are committed to provide the most reliable and reliable hosting services to our customers worldwide.