Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the services of Google, which allows the company through which all owners of sites and products and services promotion and advertising on the search engine Google and its partners who display Google ads through their sites through the service Adsense. Advertising on Google is one of the most important tools of e-marketing where you can target the visitor by showing your site in the search results pages and grab the words you choose, for example when someone searches for the word “advertising sites” or “advertising company” appear several results in the search engine The advertiser has the advantage of making his site appear above all the results distinctively and prominently, increasing your site traffic and your product’s customers. This visitor is known as the “target visitor” and is one of the best visitors to get a visitor who wants your site, service or product. You can also advertise on Google Adwords by placing your site on other sites close or similar to your site for more control and targeting .

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Have you spent a lot of money so far on Google Adwords ads and have not achieved the result of your satisfaction yet? Do you feel that what you spend on Google Adwords campaigns is expensive and does not return the desired revenue? This is what most of our customers felt before they changed their feeling and changed their profits more at a lower cost and increased return on investment by a marketing team trained and specialized in advertising on Google and search engine marketing and content networks. We at Fantastec manage Google Adwords campaigns for different sites on Google, whether services or entertainment or companies at cheap prices and the secret of the quality of our service in the long experience in marketing through Google channels different with the provision of statistics and periodic reports on the activity of your campaign on Google.

The prices of Google Adwords campaign management plans vary according to each location, where the price is determined according to the required features and the monthly advertising budget for each site. Some prefer pre-paid campaign management campaigns, and for these we have prepared ready-made packages and action plans that can be chosen, including a special plan for your activity that serves your goals.