Terms and Conditions

This agreement sets forth the rights of the customer and the rights of the Fantastic Foundation. In order to guarantee your legal right to services with us, you must fully agree to the following terms

We do not provide any service that contains:

1- Services that contradict the teachings of the Islamic religion or are subject to insult to other religions
2- Political services that criticize governments.
3- Services that promote hackers and hacking.
4- Sending annoying advertising messages that the other party does not expect (Spam).

Using scripts and software on the site

1. It is prohibited to use scripts that cause high pressure on the server and greatly drain its resources.
2. If your site causes high pressure that affects other sites on the same server, we will temporarily stop your site until a suitable solution is found.
3. If you subscribe to hosting plans only, the customer has no right to ask us to install any script for him except for an additional fee.
4. If we discover the presence of any files that harm the server on the client’s site (such as spyware and hacking files), we have the right to take any action we deem appropriate against him.
5. It is prohibited to create or install unlicensed forums on the server, and if we receive a report from the data center regarding any unlicensed forum, it will be stopped until the client licenses it.

Backups and domain name

1- We make backup copies of all websites on the server, but the issue of saving website data and files remains the responsibility of the customer first and foremost, and we do not bear any responsibility as a result of the loss or damage of website backups.
2- The customer has the right to request a backup copy of his site within a period not exceeding one month from the end of his subscription.
3- We are not responsible for the loss or loss of the domain due to your failure to renew the hosting on time.
4- If you do not want to renew, Fantastic will deliver your domain to your own control panel.

Financial transactions

1- We activate the hosting service for you after we receive the full amount within a period not exceeding 3 days from the date of receiving the amount. If we receive the amount incomplete, we apologize for not providing the service to the customer. This means that the customer will be responsible for paying the financial dues accompanying the payment process, if any.< br> 2- If the customer does not pay the amounts owed to him, we have the right to stop any other service we provide to him, until all dues are paid.
3- The customer will be emailed regarding financial transactions at least two weeks before the due date, provided that the dues are paid before the due date.
4- If the customer does not pay the amount on time, his site will be suspended for a period of 3 days until he can pay, and the site will be permanently deleted 30 days after completion.
5- We guarantee the customer the right to recover the amount if he is not satisfied with the service during the first 15 days, with the domain price and transfer costs deducted, if any.
6- All smart device application projects and our pricing offers are based on a 15% discount in exchange for the customer’s commitment to continue with Fantastic and renew with it. The customer also has the right to request the source code at any time, which is one of his rights, and in this case the discount provided will be in advance. Not valid and the customer must pay the discounted 15% in advance. Projects whose contracts stipulate a different, clear text are excluded from this clause.

Technical Support

1- Any emergency problem that occurs to the server due to circumstances beyond our control or due to natural disasters, we will endeavor to solve it as quickly as possible, and the customer has no right to claim any financial matters.
2- All technical support services are provided by ticket only.
3- Any problems facing the customer on his website due to his Internet service provider or problems with his personal device, we are not concerned with this type of problem.
4- Free technical support for hosting plans is only for solving server-specific problems and not for solving internal problems of scripts, databases, etc.

Necessary Commitments

1- The site will be suspended if there is an official complaint against it that requires the site to be temporarily stopped from working.
2- Any attempt to defame or falsely accuse Fantastic without any right, we have the right to take any strict action against the customer.
3- All our customer information is subject to strict privacy, and we do not provide it to anyone unless legally required to do so.
4- When the customer subscribes to one of our services, he must provide us with all his correct data so that we can contact him in the event of any problem.
5- We have the right to cancel the contract with the client, without explaining the reasons, and in this case we return all his financial rights for the period of time remaining to him with us, and provide him with a backup copy.